Behind the Fame

Unfortunately, all quotes in this photo are from actual reviews of John Green’s work.

ohn Green is one of my favorite authors that I have ever come across, as his work constantly leaves me speechless. Not only is he a very successful author, he also creates podcasts, youtube videos, and many other posts on a variety of platforms. His work has been said to greatly touch the lives of viewers, readers, and listeners alike, and one piece of his work that I had just recently been shown, has affected me in this exact way. In one of the episodes of Green’s podcast, “Anthropocene Reviewed,” he had given listeners an insight into his personal life, telling them his true feelings behind all the fame and publicity he received. I had always believed that the lives of “famous” people were the best to live, and that I could only dream of being able to experience the countless benefits that people such as John Green would receive. However, after listening to his podcast and almost tearing up at his words, I realized that I was extremely wrong. Green had revealed that the image the public created of him, as well as the front that he always put up during interviews, were not his true self or feelings. He described in great detail, how he was constantly tagged in posts that talked badly about his novels, videos, and even himself. He explained how it was normal for him to wake up in his own home and be met by people who had figured out his address, asking for an autograph or picture. Hearing Green’s words stunned me, and completely changed the way I had thought about people like him. I began to wonder if this was how all famous people felt, as if their own lives weren’t even there’s anymore. The “Anthropocene Reviewed, Reviewed” episode has shed a light on something that has been left in the dark for too long, and it has taught me to not make assumptions of people, objects, or anything else based on just what is shown to me.



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